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Introducing Madeline (Missy)

Hello, my name is Kate, founder of LittleMissy. I firstly just wanted to introduce myself and give a little back story about me. I come from a large family of 7 kids. I am the middle child (oldest 35, youngest 3) and it brings me so much joy watching my three youngest siblings grow up.

The inspiration of LittleMissy is drawn from my youngest sister, Madeline (Missy) who has just turned 5. She is very cheeky but has a very gentle soul, and the most precious heart (i know, i'm bias). Throughout our website you will also find items named after my younger brothers too, so keep your eyes on the lookout.

At LittleMissy we believe in providing only the best material for your baby. All of our designs are hand picked by Missy and are sourced to a high standard to ensure all items are breathable, soft, comfy and safe. Embarking on this LittleMissy adventure has been extremely exciting and lots of fun! We hope you love everything as much as we do.